Pasted Graphic 41

Has this been manipulated or is it a straight shot? I have had comments on how well I have created this picture, and how did I do it. In truth it has been produced just as I captured it in camera. The element of light has been brightened and it has been produced as a monochrome print. I hope the title adds to this image and makes those who are viewing it give it more thought.

This picture won the Gold Medal in the Western Counties Photographic Federation 2009. It also won the Reece Winstone Trophy for the best monochrome print in the exhibition. The Cotswold Monochrome Exhibition also awarded it a Gold Medal and it was accepted in the London Salon. My photographic club also gave praise and it gained the best monochrome print in their annual exhibition as well as being awarded the best created image in exhibition ! 

My most successful picture to date.