The chapter house steps, Wells cathedral

Pasted Graphic 9

I show here the well-worn medieval steps leading to the Chapter House in Wells Cathedral, also known as the sea of steps. I have spent many hours in Wells Cathedral, a place of worship but also a place of much beauty and architectural amazement.   I achieved my ARPS (Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society) with Wells Cathedral as my subject.   Part of the distinction is to submit a statement of intent and in a summary of no more than 150 words you have to outline why you took the images and what you want them to convey. Through my pictures I took you on a journey through the Cathedral, starting with the West Front and working through the heart of this Cathedral which offers an Early Gothic interior, work having started in 1180. I wanted to convey the magnificence of his building but also that  it had a heart and a warmth and my last picture was of the cafe where we stopped for a 'nice cup of tea' - after all where else would you end such a journey?