In Duplicate

In Duplicate

This picture has won many awards and it is one of my favourites. I enjoy simple pictures and this one certainly falls into that category. In duplicate - two chairs and two white tiles on the floor to compliment each other. The light on the RHS is very necessary to throw light on the wall and give reflections of the chairs. The leaves on the floor just give that feel of dereliction. A very satisfying picture. I am delighted to have had this image selected for the RPS International Print Exhibition 2010 which was sponsored by Allen & Overy LLP and will be exhibited around the UK throughout the coming year. Only 125 prints were selected out of an entry of thousands worldwide which obviously makes it something special.

This image has been successful in having an acceptance in the London Salon of Photography 2010.

Allen & Overy have also purchased the licence for a 3 year period to use the picture for their offices and promotional work on a worldwide basis.

Gaudi Arches

Pasted Graphic 1

This image was taken in Casa Batllo, one of the magnificent Antoni Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi had a seemingly inexhaustible store of architectural imagination and the whole of this building is depicting facets of nature.

The dominant arches, which are also extended in the hologram at the end of the room;  the patterned floor with the light from a window streaking across it and bringing it to life just makes for a very pleasing image.

I really enjoy this image and have had much success with it both nationally and internationally.

As the sun goes down

Pasted Graphic 49

Another image that I really enjoy with its simple lines. The sun being low behind the white walls, allows the streak of light through one of the small arched windows to shine across the floor and makes this picture more interesting. The three palm trees softens the picture with their curved branches and dappled light. This picture was taken in Tunisia and is another one of my very successful images.

No Exit

Pasted Graphic 48

Taken while on holiday with friends in Majorca. I enjoy the subtle colours and the texture of the very tired looking walls; together with the soft light coming in from the left hand side it conveys to me a very peaceful setting. I wonder what is behind the door? Why is the seat stopping access? Is it a secret or is the seat just there by accident? I leave you to make up your own minds. This picture was awarded a ribbon in the WCPF exhibition.


Pasted Graphic 47

Different versions of Venus have been produced in so many mediums but this picture with the curves and shapes, highlights and shadows make this picture.

Approaching storm

Pasted Graphic 46

This picture has so many wonderful memories for me. The dark moody sky with the shafts of light breaking through onto the sea and the storm in the distance gives that feeling of excitement. I waited until the fishing boat was positioned just in the right place, I promise you it was not photoshopped! At the time I was sitting on a window seat in a holiday cottage in St Ives watching the storm approach which means that this image was taken through glass.

The red altar cloth

Pasted Graphic 45

Another picture taken in Wells Cathedral looking towards the Lady Chapel which is in the shape of an elongated octagon. The chapel has five large windows, four of which are filled with fragments of early 14th century glass. How can you fail to produce beautiful pictures?

Racing for Cover

Pasted Graphic 44

Hong Kong Island. The skies emptied and opened up this opportunity of capturing people racing for cover. The reflections and colour in the pavement from the lights, together with the rain lashing down enabled me to produce this atmospheric picture.

Towards the Light

Pasted Graphic 43

Successful pictures are always about lighting. The sunshine streaming through the windows with the lady walking towards them is a perfect combination. The reflections in the polished wooden floorboards and the patterns being thrown on the window recess by the leaded glass adds to the appeal of this picture.

I Wonder What the Future Holds

Pasted Graphic 42

The intense concentration on the faces of both men and the one bulb lighting up their faces makes for an image that is very atmospheric. It was a grab shot taken in Chiang Mai which is in the northern area of Thailand but, nevertheless, with grab shots you can sometimes be lucky!


Pasted Graphic 41

Has this been manipulated or is it a straight shot? I have had comments on how well I have created this picture, and how did I do it. In truth it has been produced just as I captured it in camera. The element of light has been brightened and it has been produced as a monochrome print. I hope the title adds to this image and makes those who are viewing it give it more thought.

This picture won the Gold Medal in the Western Counties Photographic Federation 2009. It also won the Reece Winstone Trophy for the best monochrome print in the exhibition. The Cotswold Monochrome Exhibition also awarded it a Gold Medal and it was accepted in the London Salon. My photographic club also gave praise and it gained the best monochrome print in their annual exhibition as well as being awarded the best created image in exhibition ! 

My most successful picture to date.

Floating Market

Pasted Graphic 38Pasted Graphic 39Pasted Graphic 40

We had a brilliant holiday in Thailand and visited the floating market whilst we were staying in Bangkok. Part of the trip was by coach but the remainder by boat passing Thai homes along the river. We reached the market and meandered around the floating market before landing for a walk around the area. Certainly a trip to be recommended if you should be holidaying in that area.  I have included three pictures on my website for you to enjoy.

The Taj Mahal

Pasted Graphic 37

What a magical place, especially for photographers. Wherever you look there are pictures, whether you enjoy architecture, people or landscape it offers everything.  Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity of visiting at sunrise or sunset, which would be the best time for the lighting effects, but nevertheless I am very pleased with the results that I have achieved.

The stairway

Pasted Graphic 36

Another picture taken in Barcelona. The stairway, with the picture on the facing wall duplicating the shape of the stairway holds everything together. Muted colours but very pleasant.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Pasted Graphic 35

On our visit to Australia we visited the Great Barrier Reef which offers the most amazing snorkelling opportunities. We snorkelled from the pontoon shown in this picture and were also lucky enough to take a helicopter ride over the whole area which was stunning. The colours of the reef and twinkling sea in this picture are just as seen.

Hide and seek

Pasted Graphic 34

I love this picture. It is taken on the end of Clevedon Pier, Somerset and we were playing hide and seek with our granddaughter. She was completely unaware of Granddad in the background. Simple, with a hint of amusement, but so appealing. It is a picture that has been very successful.

Fallen Leaves

Pasted Graphic 33

Taken in The Rambles in Barcelona from our bedroom window. How lucky to have the beautifully marked tiles on the floor, especially with the rain that makes the shapes stand out even more.  The autumn leaves, coloured umbrella and people moving in opposite directions make for a good composition.

Danger lurking

Pasted Graphic 32

A picture that offers something just that little bit different, and one that makes you really think about just what is happening. The title is meant to give that feeling of danger to make your imagination explore those corners of your mind.

The Pier, Borneo

Pasted Graphic 31

A trip to a small island just off the cost of Kota Kinabalu offered this pictures. We landed on this pier before walking through he rainforest and mangos. Producing the picture in monochrome brought out the beautiful landscape in the background and sky.

Jacob, Oliver and Isaac


I was very pleased to get this image of my three grandsons - not an easy exercise to get them all willing to pose at the same time. We were all lying on the a wooden floor with sunlight streaming through the window and I positioned them so that the reflection from the floor was thrown up into their faces creating good lighting.

Ghostly shadow

Pasted Graphic 30

Taken in Wells Cathedral. I saw my husband's shadow on the old pitted stone floor and knew that there was a definite picture waiting to be taken. Another picture which would take your imagination into overdrive. It has won awards.


Pasted Graphic 29

Would you put this picture in the nature section of an exhibition or in an open section for the patterns that it makes?

The end of the day

Pasted Graphic 28

The lighting makes this picture. I like the well worn area of stones in the foreground as it tells me that this is the path that most people like to take. The man is positioned just in the right place with his long shadow across  the path.

The crypt, Winchester

Pasted Graphic 27

A picture of reflections and shapes. It is said that one of the rules of photography is never to have anything central in the picture but this time it works.


Pasted Graphic 26

Taken on the West Somerset Railway. I enjoy the atmosphere of this picture and feel that it conjures up those bygone days of steam.

Across the Town Square

Pasted Graphic 25

Taken in Prague from the top of the Clock Tower down onto the town square. I like the cobbles and the long shadows being thrown across them. I took many pictures from this vantage point but I particularly like the position of the people in this image and the pattern that they make within the frame. The lamp also adds to the composition and interest.

A New Day

Pasted Graphic 24

Taken in Chester. I like the angle of the buildings receding into the background. The light falling on the building on the right hand side of the picture and the complete emptiness and feeling of quiet conveys the atmosphere of a bright new day. Producing this picture in monochrome suits the subject, if it had been shown in colour it would have lost much of it’s appeal. To me it gives the feeling of a bygone age.

Mother and Daughter

Pasted Graphic 23

I find this picture enchanting. It gives the feeling of mother and daughter enjoying a close and trusting relationship.

The Chewing Gum

Pasted Graphic 22

How you could resist this picture. This boy was making the most amazing faces while enjoying the gum, he didn't know that I had taken it. It is amusing and very boy-like.

Mau's Legacy

Pasted Graphic 21

This picture was taken in Tiananmen Square, Bejing, China
Why did I call it Mau’s Legacy? The image of Mau peering over the shoulder of the soldier who was on guard in front of the Forbidden City sums up how I felt. There were cameras on every corner and I just had this feeling of being watched constantly.

China is a beautiful, and extremely interesting country and one that I enjoyed visiting, but as with many countries, you have to move with caution.

Smethwick International Competition:
‘Mau’s Legacy’ was awarded an RPS Silver Medal and has been successful in many other international salons.

Learning With Dad

Pasted Graphic 20

A different angle makes a more interesting picture. I liked the relationship between the man and child. Some people feel that it is not necessary to give a title and that the picture should tell its own story. I do agree that a picture should convey the message but I also feel that a good title adds further interest.

Lennon wall, Prague

Pasted Graphic 19

Is there anyone out there who does not know who John Lennon is, I think probably not. This wall is in Prague and a wonderful commemoration to a brilliant musician. It took us two visits to the City to actually find it but well worth the effort to read all the messages that have been left by fans over the years. The lighting was perfect and the extent of the wall gave the opportunity of many differing pictures.

The Corridor

Pasted Graphic 18

Taken in Casa Batllo, Barcelona,  one of the beautiful buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. I enjoy clean shapes and muted colours and the arches of this corridor are just lovely. The light also casting shapes and shadows gives me an image that I enjoy.

The Balconies

Pasted Graphic 17

This picture was taken for the wonderful shapes. I have purposely included the straight line on the left hand side allowing the balconies to protrude very prominently into the picture. The lamp adds that extra interest and the sky is just perfect. I personally like this picture but it has not been that successful for me.

The Airport

Pasted Graphic 16

Bangkok Airport. What a beautiful airport. A wonderful swirling shape to the roof, reflections in the tiled floor and the escalator very central. It just asks to be photographed. The figure in the front on the picture is very important.


Pasted Graphic 15

This image has been highly manipulated. There are two pictures, the background was taken in Kuala Lumpur and the foreground lady was taken in Borneo. I enjoyed producing this picture but it has not really been very successful, which is disappointing.

Sunset over Porthmeor Beach, St Ives

Pasted Graphic 14

How often do you see such a wonderful sunset in this country. This is a straight shot, levels have been used but nothing else. The reflections in the sand are just magical and the one loan figure is a definite plus to the picture.

Venice carnival

Pasted Graphic 13

A subject that has been photographed by many photographers over the years.  
Venice at Carnival time is full of life, colour, music and constant noise making this a place of continual entertainment. The costumes offer a wealth of photographic opportunities whether taken to include the surroundings, which would then help to tell a story, or as a close-up which is what I have chosen. The eyes in this picture are very important.


Pasted Graphic 12

I liked the texture of the wall and the colourful posters but when I brought the image into the computer decided that it needed something else to set it off. Using Photoshop I decided to superimpose one of the mask shots that I had taken, bring down the opacity and allow the background to show through to make, what I thought, was an improved and interesting picture. Obviously taken in Venice during their annual Carnival which is always held in February.

Gaudi Stairway

Pasted Graphic 11

This image was also taken in Casa Batllo, Barcelona. The stairway curling upwards and the stair rods gleaming are the first impressions of this picture. The ornate pot to the left of the picture is positioned just in the right place. However, if you explore the picture you will see that the head of the stairs is also swirling and the walls are covered with patterns - a simple picture but full of interesting shapes and patterns.


Pasted Graphic 10

Our beautiful granddaughter taken when she was three years old. Our favourite spot on the map is St Ives in Cornwall, and this is where the shot was taken. The shear enjoyment on her face and the energy as she races up the beach from the sea is what summertime is all about. She had been running to and from the sea and I waited for the right moment to capture this shot, although I have to say it was one of many that I took.

The chapter house steps, Wells cathedral

Pasted Graphic 9

I show here the well-worn medieval steps leading to the Chapter House in Wells Cathedral, also known as the sea of steps. I have spent many hours in Wells Cathedral, a place of worship but also a place of much beauty and architectural amazement.   I achieved my ARPS (Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society) with Wells Cathedral as my subject.   Part of the distinction is to submit a statement of intent and in a summary of no more than 150 words you have to outline why you took the images and what you want them to convey. Through my pictures I took you on a journey through the Cathedral, starting with the West Front and working through the heart of this Cathedral which offers an Early Gothic interior, work having started in 1180. I wanted to convey the magnificence of his building but also that  it had a heart and a warmth and my last picture was of the cafe where we stopped for a 'nice cup of tea' - after all where else would you end such a journey?

Talking about the good old days

Pasted Graphic 8

These three men were in a marketplace in Madeira, totally oblivious to anything that was going on around them. They were obviously enjoying each others company and I was able to get two or three shots without them even noticing.

The Opposites

Pasted Graphic 7

Two interesting characters that caught my attention. The back figure is almost a mirror image of the front figure and by turning the back of the picture into monochrome it produced a 3-D effect. The front man being so colourfully dressed also helped to give this illusion. This picture has been extremely successful for me.

Two men and a dog

Pasted Graphic 6

It is always good to include humour into your pictures wherever possible and I think this is where it has worked. The dog looks very much in control of the whole situation and looking straight into the camera he is daring me to interrupt. Both men have excellent expressions on their faces and they all look very comfortable as a threesome.

Berlin, the wall and the misery

Pasted Graphic 5

I purposely included the Wall in this picture in a very dominant way as it was such a huge part of many people's lives and, indeed, history. The crosses with pictures pinned to them of those who fell while trying to escape, each tell their own story. The occasional flowers that have been left at the bottom of some of the crosses makes you realise that there are still many people who live with these memories.

Terra cotta army and horses, Xian, China

Pasted Graphic 3Pasted Graphic 4

The lighting conditions for this picture were extremely difficult and a long exposure was required with, preferably a tripod or definitely a resting place for the camera. The picture shows just a very tiny part of the main hall which, to give you an idea of size, is probably in excess of the dimensions of an aircraft hanger. The Warriors stand in long lines, they all have different faces and their hairstyle denotes the rank that they hold in the army. It is one of the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th Century with the work still ongoing at this site. It is difficult to grasp just how old the whole area is.

Me and my schoolfriend

Pasted Graphic 2

Liking the effect that I achieved with The Opposites I decided to give this picture the same treatment. It was taken in Thailand. We were on a boat trip from Phuket  to the James Bond Island and on our way back we stopped off at Kohpanyee Island, a village built on stilts above the water. What a beautiful little girl. It was school lunchtime and there were a whole host of children sitting on the floor with their bowls of food smiling, happy and oblivious to the worries of the outside World.