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I enjoy all aspects of photography but always try to find that something different. The most ordinary picture can be transformed by moving the camera to a different angle and introducing dramatic lighting. Lighting plays an enormous part in capturing that magical moment and we all strive to find it.

People pictures give me much satisfaction, with attitudes and expressions telling the story, and I look for those moments. I enjoy graphical pictures where angles and lines are dominant features adding that feeling of strength to the picture. I also like a picture where your imagination is allowed to wander, leaving you unsure of your conclusions.

Over the past two years I have entered many local, national and international exhibitions and have been very successful. I never fail to be delighted with any success, however small, as it means that someone has enjoyed my photography.

At the moment I use a Canon 7D with a selection of stabilised lenses. It is important to me to produce my own prints from in-camera to print stage which means that I am completely in control at every stage of production. I also experiment with all types of fine art papers knowing how important the correct paper is for the results that I am looking for. I really enjoy monochrome work and it is only now that printers are beginning to produce the type of print that was achieved in the darkroom. In my opinion the first printer to achieve this is the Epson 2400 which offers three different blacks. Is it difficult to see the difference between a digital monochrome print produced on such a printer and prints produced in the darkroom - I leave that debate with you! 

Any comments are always welcome as feedback from fellow photographers is interesting and an excellent way of improving and possibly seeing the picture in a completely different way.